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Test automation
Dedicated engineer


When you have made the decision to partner with us on our Taaas solutions, our team will immediately take action.


During the first call, our team will work with you to understand your company goals and current testing limitations, and will gather the necessary requirements to understand your project completely.


During the analysis phase, we will create a strategic testing plan based on your unique needs and requirements to present to you for approval. Upon approval, we will get to work creating a framework and writing tests that align with your software development needs, then finally moving to the execution stage.

This is where our testing plan springs into action, and our engineers will run tests, make adaptations as needed, and integrate tests into the pipeline. When we have achieved measurable successful results, we can then move into the maintenance phase by adding more tests and updating existing tests according to system requirements.


If you would like one of our quality engineers to join your team on a contract basis, we will begin with a call to discuss your talent needs and budget constraints.


We have an extensive selection of experienced QE’s, and will work with you to select an option that ensures the right QE to meet the skills required for your project. You will be able to interview the selected QE, if necessary, and the QE will then join your team upon approval.


The QE contract will be based on a cost per hour payment schedule – details will be discussed upon contract signing.

Dedicated team
Ready to go BDD


Do you have a long-term testing project that requires a team of dedicated experts? We can assemble and manage not just any crew, but THE right crew for your job. From initial contact, we will work with you to gather your job requirements, scope, indicated team size, expertise level needed, and overall technology goals.


We can arrange an interview with potential team members, and once it is deemed a good project fit, we will begin the process of team integration. Depending on project scope and complexity, the integration phase may include signing of an NDA, project training, access specifications, and other necessities.


When you are ready to move from manual to automated testing, you can begin right away with our BDD solution and onboarding process. After a comprehensive presentation and product demo, you will be able to use our existing framework to integrate within your tests, according to your specific needs. We will provide all of the coaching and training that your QA team needs during the transition process and beyond, and will ensure that you receive our full support and customization as required.

Coach and training


Allow us to share our skills and expertise with your QA team to develop their understanding within the field of test automation. The first step is to evaluate the existing skill sets of your team members as a baseline in determining the specific training protocols that will provide the most benefit.


We will customize a talent development plan by creating a unique course program to address your skill gaps and areas of potential improvement. Our training plan will be executed with a combination of tailored training sessions, hands-on labs, and other unique components designed to provide ultimate learning engagement and retention.

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